Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ergonomics 1

Comfort and Simplicity

Bad: The back of the chair is not flexible. The user can not move back.
Good: The back of the "Liberty Chair" is flexible. The user can move back and forth.

Incorrect height and depth

Bad: The monitor is very far from the user and the user can not see the monitor clearly thus using his glasses and a magnifying glass to look at the monitor.
Good: The "M7 Monitor arm" is stretchable and can be pulled up to the user's comfortable height and depth and can be pushed back.

Task Lighting

Bad: The user uses two lights and he can not adjust the lighting as the lid of the lighting is hot. He uses a pair of goggles to avoid the strong light.
Good: The user uses the "diffrient light" which can be adjusted and it is not hot.

Freedom of movement

Bad: The user uses a chair which arms are too high and thus when drinking his cup of coffee, the arm gets loose, pulling him down. He lacks freedom of movement and couldn't move much to his comfort.
Good: The user uses the "freedom chair" which helps to give him the freedom to move and the arms of the chair is not fixed and is adjustable when needed.